‘I feel low, very depressed and anxious and under too much stress. I can’t bear it any more. My family and friends and my doctor say I should take antidpressants, but one friend has warned me about them and says I shouldn’t take them.

What should I do? Shoud I take psychiatric medication at all.

If you feel awful and cannot function normally and are not sure what is wrong with you – you are not alone: nor does your doctor or anybody else.

Well, that’s not quite true because if you have just had a shock, if somebody has died, or been diagnosed with an incurable disease, like cancer or heart failure, then you know why you feel as you do and why you are affected as you are. Or if you have just broken up with your boy friend or girl friend, or is your pet dog or cat has died.

No matter what caring people tell you is safe and will make you feel better, you would be well advised to do your homwork. And, consider the simple but important question: does it make sense that the cure for your loss could be to take a drug to numb your senses, like an emotional anaesthetic?

You might consider the extreme example that someone you love has died. Do you really want to feel nothing? Do you really not want to feel upset? Do you care that he or she has died? Or do you not care that he or she has died?

Would you really want to drink whiskey or smoke cannabis or take ecstacy or any other mind-altering drug, whether legal or not, whether prescribed by a doctor or not? like psilocybin or ketamine, or an antidepressant or

If you don’t know, or are not sure which drug to tak

You will discover how harmful