If you are a doctor, you should watch the documentary Medicating Normal and the talk by Dr James Davies Psychiatry and Big Pharma Exposed before you prescribe or recommend a psychiatric drug.

If you are a patient, you should watch the documentary Medicating Normal and the talk by Dr James Davies Psychiatry and Big Pharma Exposed before you take a psychiatric drug.

Psychiatric drugs prescribed by doctors – usually psychiatrists and general practitioners – affect the cells throughout the body, including the heart, the nervous system, the brain and the hormone system.

They include antidepressants, tranquillisers, antipsychotics, mood stabilisers and sleeping pills.

All these drugs have many side effects and all too often most of them are very difficult to stop taking. This is because they interfere with the normal functions of the cells in the body, because of which the cells come to depend on the drugs.

Both side effects and withdrawal effects (when reducing and stopping the drug) can be far worse than the condition the doctor prescribed them for. Many people find these effects unbearable and become suicidal – caused by so-called ‘medical’ treatment prescribed by a qualified doctor.

Is this not a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Most doctors’ clothes are given to them by the pharmaceutical industry, and, like the foolish Emperor, they believe what they have been told. They do not recognise the fraud, and do not see that they have been made to do the work of hungry wolves while wearing ‘white coats’ which patients trust.

Tapering and withdrawing

If you decide to reduce the dose of the drug you are taking you need to take great care and do your own homework on how to do this safely. Do not believe what the general

practitioner or psychiatrist tell you: the vast majority of them do not know how to do this or the dangers of doing it too fast.

Information for patients and doctors is given here: How to taper and stop. You can read the personal account given by a doctor who became a psychiatric patient: Doctors are not trained to think critically – by Dr Cathy Wield.

Most doctors do not know the dangers of the drugs or the dangers of withdrawing the drugs or how to do it safely. This is because they have been taught to believe the information supplied by the makers of the drugs. The men and women who work for the pharmaceutical companies making and marketing these drugs deliberately conceal the information about the dangers and so lead doctors and the public to believe the drugs are safe and effective when in reality they are not.

The same men and women also have strong financial influence on medical journals and the media – which in the USA, astonishingly, is allowed to advertise the drugs to the public with enormous financial benefit to those in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you are thinking of starting to take a psychiatric drug, even if your doctor strongly advises you to, you should read the information on this site and what unbiased research workers have published in books, medical journals and videos.

Doctors are forbidden to put pressure on anyone to take these drugs or to have electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or brain surgery, or in any way to coerce their patients or take part in advertising the drugs.

You should do all you can to avoid taking psychiatric drugs except in rare extreme circumstances and then in low dose and for a short period only. Adaptation practice is a safe and well-established way of coping with emotion, moods and feelings without psychiatric treatment.

Watch and listen to what Dr James Davies discovered about the charade of diagnosis and treatment: the foundations of psychiatry.