Adaptation Practice

Relief of Emotional, Psychological and Mental Suffering

The sole purpose of Adaptation Practice is to relieve emotional, psychological and mental suffering: depression, anxiety, anger, stress.

Hello, I’m Clive Sherlock. I trained and worked as a hospital doctor before specialising in psychiatry and clinical psychology both in and outside the British National Health Service and in France.

The way I work is unusual. It is what came to be known as Adaptation Practice. This is not a medical treatment; it is a safe and practical way of relieving suffering by developing inner strength and learning to cope with emotion, moods and feelings and how they affect us.

In teaching and training people in Adaptation Practice, I do not work as a doctor and do not take responsibility for drugs or other treatments given by other doctors or therapists.

Rather, Adaptation Practice is a way that came from years of study and training in far eastern psychology and philosophy – specifically in traditional Zen Buddhist practice.

Adaptation Practice does not depend on belief, dogma, drugs or talking therapy and so cannot be regarded as medical treatment.

You can read more about me and Adaptation Practice by going to the About page.

Why you might be interested in Adaptation Practice

We all know, or think, we should be able to cope with our difficulties and struggles in life, but all too often we don’t know how?

You might feel you want to be as strong as you think others are in coping, but how can you become strong? How can you become strong enough to bear your moods and feelings of worry, despair, lack of confidence, anxiety, fear, anger and depression?

Adaptation Practice is a practical programme of simple clear instructions on exactly what to do and how to do it to relieve emotional, psychological and mental suffering and be free to live a fulfilling and contented life.

There is nothing new about Adaptation Practice. It is common sense, but at times it can be counter-instinctive and counter-intuitive and it flies in the face of our society.

On this site you can read about Adaptation Practice and contact me, Clive Sherlock, to find out more or to discuss whether you would like to start training in it yourself.

Like most of us who are seeking help and a safe and effective way to cope with our moods and feelings, you are probably reading this now after weeks, months, even years of fruitlessly searching for help. No doubt, like everyone else, you want to relieve your distress and live a better life.

When depressed or anxious, or suffering with any other emotion, we all want to get rid of unwanted, upsetting and disturbing moods and feelings and stop them affecting us.

No matter how bad you feel, or for how long, you can follow simple instructions that will make you feel completely better – for the rest of your life. You can develop the strength and gain the necessary insight to transform emotion and so to change how your moods and feelings affect you.

Adaptation Practice teaches you how to do this. It provides a simple structured programme for what has been called emotional fitness. Not by taking drugs, not by thinking or talking about it, and not by navel gazing: but by doing.

This practice is a unique way, but it is not new. It has been tried, tested and refined more than any other approach for dealing with emotional, psychological and mental problems.

By developing inner, emotional strength and resilience, the practice teaches you how to face and accept the emotion at its source and so to change the moods and feelings, and free you to enjoy a fulfilling life