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Welcome to the website of Adaptation Practice: a safe and reliable way of relieving the distress and suffering of stress, anxiety, anger, depression and disturbed behaviour. If you are like most visitors to this site you have probably arrived here after months or years of fruitlessly searching for help to relieve your distress and suffering. There is certainly no shortage of remedies on offer, but as you have no doubt discovered, they don’t always  work.

I’m Clive Sherlock. I came to the same conclusion about conventional treatments more than forty years ago while working in the British National Health Service (NHS) in psychiatry and clinical psychology.

I saw for myself how the drugs we dispensed were frequently ineffective, often addictive and usually had many other serious side effects. Off the record other doctors would privately admit this, but we were under a lot of pressure to ignore it and so we continued to dispense the drugs, without knowing the true cause of the conditions we were trying to treat.

A radically different approach

Wanting to find the cause, I went into research which led me to develop Adaptation Practice, a simple practical way of dealing safely and effectively with the underlying causes. It does not depend on drugs or talking therapies. I have been teaching Adaptation Practice for the last forty years.

You can read about the Practice and how it works on this site. In a nutshell, it is a form of inner emotional training to tackle the root causes of our emotional problems. It is born of the insight that though we are taught to regard emotional problems such as depression as problems of the brain, this is wrong. The thoughts and feelings are the smoke and in order to treat them we must search for the fire, which is emotion, a powerful life force that springs from deep inside us.

Please take a look around the website and see if Adaptation Practice could be something you might like to try. Be sure to read these articles about it in The Times and The Guardian.

Try a simple experiment

And one other thing, before you go: I would like to suggest that you try a simple experiment. It will strike you as so simple that you will laugh, but do it anyway. It is to set a specific time to get up every morning, six days a week, and write it down. (On paper! Not on a device.) Then adhere to it for a week, and longer if you are willing to. Try to get up the moment the alarm rings.

After a week, write to me to tell me how you got along with it.

I think you will be surprised at what you find. You may discover an aspect of yourself that you had either never suspected before, or only dimly. And which you may be surprised to learn lies at the core of the emotional distress and suffering you are going through. But it might take time to realise this.

Adaptation Practice will guide you step by step, at your own pace, to develop the emotional strength and resilience to change the root causes of your suffering.

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