Adaptation Practice

Adaptation Practice is a unique, safe and effective way to relieve emotional, psychological and mental suffering – including depression, anxiety, anger, stress, eating disorders and other related conditions – without drugs or talking therapies.

All conditions like these are better seen for what they actually are: as natural, normal reactions to life – not as medical illnesses. When depressed you do not need treatment as you would if you had diabetes. When you can’t read and write or ride a bike, you are not ill and you do not need treatment: you need to learn to read and write or to ride a bike.

As the name implies, adaptation comes through practice. For that you need to know what to practise and how to do it. And for this you can follow the simple practical instructions which form a training programme in Adaptation Practice.

As you start to adapt so inner ‘emotional’ strength and insight develop and you find that you are becoming less and less afflicted by disturbing, upsetting moods and feelings.

Adaptation Practice is based on a rock solid foundation from the Far East, where the same practice under a number of different names has helped millions of people over the last 2,500 years.

It is plain common sense – not a theory, not an opinion, not a dogma, not remotely New Age or Alternative. But it will be new to most Westerners because there is nothing like it in our cultural background.

Generally, our Western attitude is to try to change nature to suit us, when in fact we need to change to suit nature. Adaptation Practice brings this about and so flies in the face of our society and especially in the face of psychiatry.

You might find Adaptation Practice is just what you have always thought and believed without ever having read about it or put it into practice before. You will only know by trying to do it.

More information

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