Adaptation Practice: Stop depression, anxiety and distress …

Adaptation Practice is a unique way to relieve emotional, psychological and mental suffering – including conditions like depression, anxiety, anger, stress and eating disorders – without drugs or talking therapies. (See a list of conditions Adaptation Practice can help with).

Adaptation Practice was conceived by Dr Clive Sherlock in the early 1970s to provide a simple programme of clear practical instructions on how to develop the insight and inner strength needed to cope with emotion and so to stop suffering.

He had already trained and worked as an NHS hospital doctor in London before specialising in psychiatry and clinical psychology in London and Oxford and in France.

Adaptation Practice is derived from Dr Sherlock’s years of training in far eastern psychology and philosophy: specifically in traditional Japanese Zen Buddhist practice. And in case this worries you, please be reassured that the Practice does not require belief in any religion, theory or dogma, which is why it is open to and suitable for everyone.

The result is a safe and effective practical way of understanding and stopping the suffering that in one way or another afflicts us all.

Adaptation Practice embodies wisdom and an understanding of suffering based on a rock solid foundation that is as old as the hills. The insights and truths it contains first emerged some 2,500 years ago and have withstood the test of time.

It is surprisingly simple to do and often flies in the face of much of what society tells us about the nature of suffering and how to live our life. It is not to be confused with the western mindfulness meditation recently popularised in the media, nor with any other form of ‘alternative’ or ‘New Age’ therapy.

You might find it difficult to believe that the simple facts of life expounded in Adaptation Practice could lie at the root of suffering. Or, like many other people, you might find it is just what you have always thought and believed without ever having read about it before.

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You can read about Adaptation Practice here and an article in The Times here.

If you have any questions not answered in Q&A here, then please contact me. I try to answer all enquiries and never to turn anybody away who wishes to train in The Practice.

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