Margaret A – a shattered life restored

This is an easy and difficult testimonial to write. Easy because there is much to adulate and difficult because the levels of value are many and it requires a certain thoughtfulness to bring them out. I have been, let’s say, conferring with Clive about my life for the past year and what I have learned about myself and how I am present in the world and what simplicity was evading me, I became acquainted with during this period with Clive.

While the work of AP has been key to helping me re-establish what seemed to me a shattered life, it was delivered with an intelligent kindness by Clive. Apart from the situation I was dealing with at the time there had been deep-seeded issues with cyclical thinking and patterns of behaviour that I needed to look at in the eye and ‘savour’.

The tools and mechanisms I have developed with him, have influenced me on several levels both in the way I perceive and in the way I react. This was both comforting during this dark period

and helped me regain a level of confidence as a being present in this world.

It is not important to say that I am a professional, although to society it renders a level of legitimacy to this testimonial, what is important to tell you is that I am someone who for many years suffered at my own hands through the thoughts, fears, anxieties that were present in many situations whether happy or sad ones. Clive’s work is about reconnecting the spirit with the person and in a space where you can live with fear and be present, it did not matter to him where you come from or your social strata.

The practice is something that takes much ‘practice’ and which forms part of my everyday thinking. This is something you will understand only when you get there on your own. I can only suggest that whatever you may be dealing with that led you to consider working with Clive, this is not about working through one situation, instead this work is about a life long infusion of peace.

MA 1999