There are many ways to change how we feel and what we think. We can do something, such as watch a film, listen to music, eat, take recreational drugs or prescribed drugs, dance, meet friends, work. Some of what we do

Why are we all so blind to the blindingly obvious causes of human suffering?

And I don’t mean only politics or business interests, or philosophical theories, etc., – I mean the blindingly obvious causes that lead to suffering for the poorest and the wealthiest, the weakest and the strongest, the employers and the employees, men and women, girls and boys, old and young, healthy and ill.

There are Laws of nature that exist whether we exist or not: those of physics, chemistry and biology and the Law of Karma, which is of special relevance to the quality of life and suffering. But we don’t see it because we don’t want to.

But try to break any of these Laws and we suffer as a result.