12 June 2020

Email contact

If you contact me by email you are giving me permission to retain your contact details and to contact you by any of them. Your details are only what you tell me. I would only use them to contact you and for no other purpose. No information you give me is ever shared with or made accessible to anyone else.


If you decide to train in Adaptation Practice you might be sent a questionnaire which will be password protected. Any information you give me on the Questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential. It helps to know how you are and how best to help you.

Visitors to this website

This website is linked to Google Analytics which analyses numbers of visitors without taking any personal information that could identify you.

Previous contact

If you have previously been doing Adaptation Practice please let me know how you are getting on with it now. All contact details and other information you send me are strictly confidential and are only used to keep in touch with you – not for anything else.

If you haven’t been in touch recently please let me know how you are getting on in the Practice and ask any questions you might have. By sending an email you will be agreeing to my keeping the contact details you sent.

Deleting your information

If at any time you would like me to delete your details please let me know by clicking here and putting: Please remove my details.

Please let me know if you would like me to retain the information I already have about you.

Thank you,

Clive Sherlock