These notes are only for those already engaged in the practice.

It is said that there are three essentials necessary for the practice and indeed for living: a Great Root of Faith, a Great Ball of Doubt and Fierce Determination.

A Great Root of Faith is to believe that at heart everybody has the intrinsic nature common to and shared by all human beings. To trust in the life that gives rise to and lives in the body. To trust that the practice is true and that following it penetrates right through to the true nature of the human heart and by doing so brings genuine insight.


A Great Ball of Doubt is needed to question and doubt all personal, individual assumptions, thoughts, opinions, theories, concepts and ideals. The eyes see but what is seen is not recognised. The ears hear but the meaning does not penetrate. Thoughts occur but are not seen to be symbols and pictures, and so are mistaken for reality.

Fierce Determination is strong resolve, determined to do the practice without giving up. To pursue all aspects of the practice until they bear fruit. And to continue doing the practice in earnest.

All three develop and grow stronger in us as we do the practice.