These notes are only for those already engaged in the practice. Please do not share them with other people. They tell you what to do and how to do it. Try to follow them to the letter exactly as they are put. Read them frequently to remind yourself of what to do and to check that you are trying to do them properly.

The Practice is done six days a week.

Decide which day you will have off from the Practice. This could be one whole day (Monday, Wednesday or whichever day you decide) or it could be 24 hours from, say, 4.0 pm one day until 4.0 pm the next day, which would give you an evening, the next morning and the afternoon off.

Decide on times to get up, to stop for meals and to go to bed.

As far as possible make them the same times each day for six days a week, except that you can set a time to get up later, or earlier, on one of the six days, but keep it to the same day and the same time each week.

Make sure the times are feasible, taking into account and allowing time for preparation, travel, exercise, rest and sleep. Allow for changes in work times and other commitments. Consider how all these times might affect other people. All other activities of the day will fit in with these times. They give a frame for the day.

Write all these times down on a piece of paper (not only on a device) and put it where you can see it.

Now try to keep to the times you have chosen. It is advisable to set alarms.

Once in bed, settle down for sleep straight away.

Below is an example of a timetable (your times might be different):

7.0 am          get up

7.30 am        breakfast

10.30 am      mid-morning break

1.0 pm           lunch

4.0 pm          afternoon break

6.30 pm        evening meal

11.0 pm         to bed

Day off          4.0 pm Saturday to 4 pm Sunday.