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The hidden truth about psychiatric drugs

A revolution in psychiatry

In the 1980s there was a revolution in psychiatry that claimed to offer science-based cures for depression and various other so-called disorders of the mind.

Prozac and similar antidepressant drugs flooded the western world. And yet some 60 years later we find the incidence of depression has been increasing several fold since antidepressants were introduced.

The hidden truth about psychiatric drugs

There is an epidemic of depression and other psychiatric diagnoses in the West. This is not how cures are supposed to work. What is going on? Anyone who is prescribed psychiatric medication should watch this short 24 minute documentary before taking the medication. The conclusions it draws are both sobering and disturbing.

There are published findings of unbiased research in peer-reviewed journals and books by experts who are world authorities on the subject. Let me know if you want references for them. Or you can go to the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry and find out more.

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