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Wolfson College – University of Oxford

Clare Hall – University of Cambridge

Imperial College London – Charing Cross Hospital Medical School

Starting Adaptation Practice

When starting Adaptation Practice you are shown, guided and supported in how to work with the emotion that flares up in you when excited, distressed, anxious, angry or depressed. With practice, you can learn how to cope and how to stop the emotion controlling you; especially in what you say, do and think.

AP Sessions

Sessions are usually for about an hour. Most people start with one session per week. Between sessions, you are expected to practise as you go about your normal daily activities at home, work or wherever else you happen to be.

Face-to-face in person or online

You can train in Adaptation Practice face-to-face in person (in London or Oxford) or online by Skype or FaceTime from anywhere.

How long?

The basics of Adaptation Practice are usually covered in about 8 sessions. Most people notice significant and often profound changes within two or three weeks.

You will need to continue practising in order to further develop the inner strength and new skills you have started to learn. They will then be with you for the rest of your life.

Free Initial meeting

Before starting to train in Adaptation Practice and to find out more about it, I always suggest we meet briefly to discuss why you are interested in it and how it might help you. You can ask any questions and then make an informed decision. Meeting can be in person in London or Oxford or, for those who cannot get to one of these, it can be on Skype or FaceTime. There is no charge for this initial meeting.


Please contact me, Clive Sherlock, if you would like to meet or if you have any questions.

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