signposts point the way

Signposts only point the way to where we want to be – but we have to walk that way for ourselves.

We can be helped and encouraged all the way. No matter what we think we can, or cannot, do, we can start to go in the direction the signpost shows. When we are ready, we can take the first step and then the next step and the next and so we can go at our own pace.

To start we need to be willing to look at the signpost. We need to trust that the signpost is poinint in the right direction.

Teachers of Adaptation Practice are like signposts. They can point the way but they cannot go that way for us.

It might appear that they are stationary, but in fact they have become the way. And so they are with us wherever we are on the way.

When we take that first step we see what happens. Some of us take years before we take that first step. Others start straight away.

— to be continued …