These notes are only for those already engaged in the practice. Please do not share them with other people.

Respond promptly and appropriately when anyone or anything calls you or requires your attention.

When the telephone rings, answer it. When there is a knock at the door, go to it and greet whoever is there with a smile. When someone calls you, say ‘Yes’ with a positive voice.

When you have finished a drink, do not leave the cup or glass lying around. Wash it or put it in the dishwasher. When clean, dry it and put it away.

Answer correspondence, pay bills, make the bed, do the washing and ironing, clear up after the children – or get them to clear up their own things.

Whatever it is, do it straight away or set a time to do it later and keep to that time.

Do not procrastinate. No matter how you feel, try to do it.

Develop and cultivate an attitude of willingness to spring into action. Even if you can’t move speedily because of a physical problem, such as an injury or arthritis, you can still make that initial movement to respond promptly. It is your willingness to try that counts.

To respond promptly means to start moving immediately: get up and go to the door, turn to answer the phone, say, ‘Yes’ to someone calling you by name.

Do not leave things undone or lying around at home or at work.

Keep to bedtimes and mealtimes, and now try to respond promptly and appropriately to what calls you at any time.