Next class: Wednesday 4 October 2023

7 pm London UK

8 pm Paris Central Europe

Weekly – by invitation only.

The meditation classes are for people who are already training in Adaptation Practice, have been shown how to sit in meditation, and have been given the practice notes for sitting meditation.


Details about the themes for the talks during these classes can be found here.


We all have different reasons for training in Adaptation Practice. Nobody else will know why you are doing the Practice and you should not assume you know why anyone else is doing it.

We do not talk about ourselves or express our opinions or ideas. Nor do we talk later about the people we meet in these classes.


Classes will start promptly at the time stated. We sit for 30 minutes followed by a talk on the Practice.

Keep still throughout the meditation period. Do not move, fidget, scratch or be seen or heard yawning.

Do not send any messages or comments of any kind in the ‘Chat’ function on Zoom.

Keep quiet and reasonably still throughout the talk. If there is time for questions you can raise your hand.

The camera should be far enough away to show the upper half of your body. It must be stable, not held in the hand (any movement would disturb other people).

Be ready in the sitting posture as you have been shown and as described in the notes here.

Keep both hands together on the lap for the entire period.

Sit on an upright chair or on a mat on the floor (only if you can sit with both knees on the mat as shown in the notes.

Pay careful attention to posture and composure.

If you arrive late wait until you are admitted to the session and make sure you are already sitting ready for meditation as above.

Try your best to keep still. This might be difficult for some of us but we can try not to scratch or fidget.

At the end of the meditation period you will be invited to sit comfortably – you can relax but still sit up straight and try to keep still. Remember that posture and composure are fundamental to the Practice.

Please email at least a day before to say you will or will not be attending.

If you have any personal questions you can ask them by the usual email address or arrange to meet online.


If you would like to make a donation to help with the running costs of Adaptation Practice, including these meditation classes, please write to

Be ready

Before we start – make sure you are ready: sitting in meditation posture, with the camera turned on and the microphone turned off and all other unessential gadgets that would cause a disturbance have been turned off, such as mobile devices, email, alarm clocks.