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Why Adaptation Practice?

Because Ap changes how we feel and how our moods and feelings affect us.

Try An introductory exercise

learn how to stop stress, anxiety, anger, depression


As a first taste of Adaptation Practice

It will only be a first step. There’s more, much more, to come, but it will be a step in the right direction. Everyone who has tried this has been surprised by what happens. Try it here.

How does Adaptation Practice work?

If you want to be able to lift a heavy sack of potatoes you need strong muscles. You have to exercise to develop the strength. If you want to run a race, or a fun run, you need stamina. You have to exercise to develop this too.  It is the same when you want to be able to cope with your feelings and stop them interfering with what you’re doing. You need emotional strength. You have to exercise to develop an inner strength; not physical exercise – that’s for muscles and heart – but emotional exercise.

Never heard of it? No, you probably won’t have. Becoming stronger isn’t complicated but you have to work at it, just as you have to work at developing and then keeping your muscular strength. Developing the strength to cope with how you feel makes you feel better. Better in your moods and feelings and better about yourself. More than this, the emotion itself changes. Negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger and depression are weaker and less of a problem. You are not so frightened or frustrated or angered by how you feel. When you feel stronger, you feel more confident and less afraid of unwanted moods and feelings. You feel less afraid of them returning, less afraid of failing, less afraid of not getting or achieving what you want. Not surprisingly life is more buoyant and more enjoyable.

No previous knowledge or skills are necessary. Anyone can learn to do the Practice. The instructions and guidance are simple and clear. You will be guided in how to find and work with the emotion that makes you excited or upset. At root, it is the same emotional energy that gives rise to how you feel, whether happy or unhappy, loving or hating, energetic or lacking energy, confident or lacking confidence.

Having started to develop an inner strength and being able to cope better with how you feel and behave, the Practice then teaches you how to meditate in a traditional way to help develop that inner strength. All aspects of the Practice help improve the quality of your life and make it more vibrant, more peaceful and more fulfilling.

Adaptation Practice is taught one to one and in groups, in London, Oxford and globally – online with Skype and FaceTime – or elsewhere by arrangement.

If you would like to start Adaptation Practice please contact me here.

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