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Introductory exercise


The aim and purpose of Adaptation Practice (Ap) is to relieve suffering. Suffering is physical, mental and emotional pain; loss, sickness and injury; dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, fear, anger and stress. Suffering is not having what we need and like, and not being able to get rid of what we dislike or feel threatened by. See list of conditions. In brief, suffering is not being happy with how life is at the moment.

To change our moods and feelings and how they affect us we have to change how we react to emotion. Ap might seem counter-intuitive and at times counter-instinctive because the natural, normal reaction is to try to get what we like and to try to get rid of or away from what we dislike.


Wake up

This is a simple exercise. It takes much, much more than this exercise to deal with how we feel, and how our moods and feelings affect us – that is, to improve the quality of our life.

Set a time to get up in the morning and try to keep to it. This simple step will almost certainly evoke feelings in you when you don’t want to do it. But try it and you will soon meet emotion inside you and you will have to do something with it.

The Practice is done six days a week.

1. Decide which day you will have off from the Practice. This can be any day you choose, but keep it to the same day each week. Write this down on a piece of paper.

2. Choose a suitable time to get up. If possible, make it the same time each day for six days a week. When necessary the time is flexible to fit in with other people, commitments, work and travel. Write the time(s) you have chosen on the piece of paper.

3. Try to keep to the time(s) you have chosen – it is best to set an alarm.

For this exercise, it is vital that you try as hard as you can to stick precisely to the time(s) you set. As soon as the alarm goes off, get up  immediately, without any hesitation or delay. This seems at first glance like a very simple exercise, something that anyone could do. And yet you will almost certainly encounter difficulties carrying out the instructions to the letter.

When you do meet a difficulty, notice what is going on inside you to cause that difficulty – be witness to it. Remember, no one is forcing you to do this. You will only be able to do it if you choose to do it and if you decide on the time(s) yourself. It is a commitment that you enter into of your own accord. And yet you will struggle. Consider what is causing this struggle. It is the same struggle that lies at the heart of all our emotional difficulties. The Practice tackles this in many different ways that are necessary to resolve it.

I suggest you try this for at least three or four weeks. If you would like to let me know what happened when you tried this simple exercise, or to ask a question, please contact me here. I’ll be happy to offer comments and advice which you might find helpful.

When ready, if you wish, you can register to start Ap Classes from here.

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