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How Psychiatry does more harm than good


In the video below Dennis Noble, emeritus Professor of Cardiac Physiology at the University of Oxford, discusses serious errors in how many, perhaps most, of us think about how we understand ourselves, why we are here and how we behave, feel and think. This leads to how we think about the causes of ill-health, particularly mental ill-health and so onto how mental ill-health is treated.

Below the link to the video is the full text transcript.

Video: Why we are here: reductionism in biology.

Transcript of the discussion: Reductionism in biology


The Dangers of antidepressant medication

Parliament antidepressants


All-Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence


Watch the video of the meeting of a panel of international experts on psychiatric drugs.

You can read more from the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry.


The Great Teacher

He, the Great Teacher, is a front. Find out what’s inside him, what’s behind his appearance, where he comes from (in you). Ponder as often and for as long as is feasible: not thinking, but in the same way that you would find the balance on a bike for the first time. Be patient when you feel his presence in all its forms as you [continue reading…]


A revolution in psychiatry

In the 1980s there was a revolution in psychiatry that claimed to offer science-based cures for depression and various other so-called disorders of the mind.

Prozac and similar antidepressant drugs flooded the western world. And yet [continue reading…]


Read this before watching the documentary

This film is about how a specific form of Buddhist meditation, known as vipassana, can change the state of one’s heart and mind – emotions, moods, feelings and thoughts – and so change one’s behaviour and [continue reading…]