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Happiness is being satisfied with what we have – Misery is being dissatisfied with what we have.

The basic tenets of Adaptation Practice (Ap)

We can’t always have what we like and we can’t always avoid what we dislike. When we have our way, we are happy. When we can’t have our way we are unhappy. We become disappointed, frustrated, annoyed, frightened, angry, anxious, depressed or stressed. We try to get rid of, or away from, unpleasant and disturbing moods and feelings. When we can’t rid ourselves of them and can’t avoid them, we suffer.

The aim and purpose of Adaptation Practice (Ap) is to relieve suffering. Suffering is physical, mental and emotional pain; loss, sickness and injury; dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, mental anguish, depression, anxiety, fear, anger and stress. Suffering is not having what we need and like, and not being able to get rid of what we dislike or feel threatened by. In brief, suffering is not being happy with how life is at the moment (see the list here).

Ap is safe and reliable

Ap is a safe and reliable way to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, disturbing behaviour and related conditions. Ap improves the quality of life by changing how we feel and how our moods and feelings affect us. While Ap is in harmony with medicine and science it is radically different from psychiatry and psychology. It does not depend on drugs (antidepressants, tranquillisers and sleeping pills) or psychological therapies.

Ap develops the inner strength needed to face and bear unwanted emotions, moods and feelings, instead of trying to get rid of them or avoid them. It starts with what is possible and develops the strength to endure stronger emotions.

Ap is not a quick-fix

The underlying causes of suffering are far too deep to be dealt with by quick-fix methods. Ap goes to the root of the problem and changes it, thereby improving the quality of life and enabling us to enjoy living and function better – even when we can’t have what we want!

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