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Clive Sherlock

Adaptation Practice Clive Sherlock

Clive studied medicine at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, Imperial College, London. After working in hospital medicine he trained and did research in psychiatry and clinical psychology. This included neuroscience, drug therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), behaviour therapy and Jungian psychoanalysis.

Early on he saw serious flaws and limitations in the theories and practices used in psychiatry and clinical psychology. ‘It is obvious that we do not understand the nature, the cause or how to treat the common and often devastating psychological and emotional conditions – which are misleadingly called “mental illnesses”. Experts are still searching for answers.’

Full of curiosity and a deep desire to find what lies behind these conditions, he began his own research.’

Before starting psychiatry, Clive went to Heidelberg to study philosophy. While there he became acquainted with far eastern psychology and philosophy and trained for the next 25 years in traditional Zen Buddhist training. This was to be the strongest influence on his psychiatric and psychological research and practice.

In 1974-75, based on an understanding radically different from that of modern psychiatry and psychology, Clive developed Adaptation Practice (Ap) as a structured training programme for people suffering from stress, anxiety, anger, depression, disturbed behaviour and other psychological or emotional problems.

Clive teaches Adaptation Practice to people from different cultural, religious, political, economic and philosophical backgrounds, and train doctors, psychologists and neuroscientists.

Steve Davey

Adaptation Practice: Steve Davey

Steven graduated at postgraduate level in philosophy (St. Andrews, Scotland), and then in psychology (Cambridge). He has a wide range of experience: a number of mental health roles, both practice and research-based, and social scientific research for the UK government (Ministry of Justice and Dept. for Communities and Local Government). He has also worked in several universities in the UK and overseas (mainland China and New Zealand), as well as in clinics and hospitals.

He is currently undertaking research in New Zealand whilst pursuing a PhD on the role of emotion in suicide prevention.

Minal Mistry

Adaptation Practice Minal Mistry

Minal trained in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, psychiatric research and education and has been working in these areas for the last fourteen years. He has a special interest in research, teaching and training. This has given him a broad scope of experience in the United Kingdom and North America (including circumpolar regions of Canada) and volunteer work in Tanzania.

He is also a professional peer reviewer and writer including publications in workplace-related issues – including stress and bullying, trauma and personality disorders – and has wide experience in telehealth psychiatry.

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