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Do you want to change how you feel and how your moods and feelings affect you?

If ‘Yes’, then this site is for you: read on.

Life can be wonderful, it can also be hell – and anything in between.

Adaptation Practice is a unique way to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, depression, disturbed behaviour and other difficulties. It does this remarkably safely and effectively by developing inner emotional strength and insight.

Adaptation Practice is a simple practical programme, based on a well-tested way of living that has been developed and refined over the centuries.

Learning how to cope

We grow up learning how to get what we like and how to get rid of what we dislike. But we don’t learn how to cope when things go wrong and we can’t have our way. Either we try harder or we give up. If things continue to go wrong, we either complain or withdraw even further. Whatever we do does not enable us to cope better when the next thing goes wrong.

Adaptation Practice is designed to deal with how we feel, and how our moods and feelings affect us, by developing emotional strength and insight.


Contact us to ask any questions or ask for an initial free session to find out more and learn how Adaptation Practice could help you.

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