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Stress, anxiety, anger and depression

Adaptation Practice is a simple professional training programme in self-discipline to develop the inner strength and skill to cope with and manage stress, anxiety, anger and depression by changing the underlying emotion and yourself.

The Practice is safe and effective – even when all other approaches have failed. Pioneered and directed by a specialist with forty years experience specialising in the psychology of emotion, Adaptation Practice is unique in its approach, training and results.

Based on Western medicine, neuroscience and the proven training methods developed over the centuries in the Far East, Adaptation Practice is taught to individuals and groups face-to-face and by distance learning world-wide.

No matter how subtle or severe the difficulty or problem, no matter how long it has lasted or how often it has recurred, you, like everyone else, can train yourself to deal with emotion and its effects provided you are willing to try to follow the clear instructions of the practice. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

Adaptation Practice is available face-to-face in London and Oxford. Other venues are arranged globally. Training is also available through distance learning via Skype, FaceTime, email and telephone.

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