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Relieve depression, anxiety, fear, anger, stress and more through the simple practical programme of self-discipline in Adaptation Practice (AP).

Read about training in AP in sessions for individuals or in groups of up to fifty or more or by distance learning.

Adaptation Practice started in its present form in the early 1970s because there was no other safe and reliable way of dealing with and relieving problems like depression, anxiety, anger and stress. Our ancestors have been searching for a safe and reliable way since the dawn of time – and doctors, psychologists and scientists are still searching. Because of this AP has proved to be necessary to the present day. It is not a new way but it has not been known in our society before.

No matter how severe the problem, no matter how long it has lasted or recurred, you, like everyone else, can train in AP provided you are willing to try to follow the simple instructions.

No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.


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