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Adaptation Practice

AP is a simple professional training programme that develops emotional strength and resilience, resulting in peak performance, smooth efficiency, sustained concentration, motivation, loyalty and close relationships. The Deal

This in-depth training offers guided self-discipline to connect with emotion and deal with it at source. Emotional strength improves performance by enabling you to cope with and manage energy, stress, anxiety, depression and anger – your own and others’.

Dr Clive Sherlock is a world-renowned specialist in emotion: its causes, effects and how to work with it. As well as initially training in medicine, followed by research in neuroscience and psychology, he also spent more than thirty-five years training in and researching the proven scientific basis underlying the practices that have given rise to the wisdom of the Far East.

In 1975, with the benefit of this unique training and knowledge from both Western and Eastern cultures, Dr Sherlock introduced a new psychological understanding and practical training programme to the West: Adaptation Practice. The Practice develops the inner strength to be able to withstand and cope with emotion with the same strength and self-control seen in great performers at their best and by Buddhist monks and nuns at all times: abilities that are not possible to the untrained man or woman.

AP trains the mind, the emotion, the man, the woman.

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