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Adaptation Practice is a simple training in self-discipline to develop the inner strength and skill to cope with emotion, to manage stress, anxiety, anger and depression, and to live a fulfilling life.

With strength comes courage, ability, clarity and insight.

Adaptation Practice is unique, being radically different from and standing apart from other approaches. It started in its present form in the early 1970s because there was no other safe and reliable way of dealing with emotion and relieving problems like stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Specialists have been searching for a safe and reliable way since the dawn of time – and they are still searching, not realising that such a way already exists.

Based on Western medicine and neuroscience and the proven practical training developed over the centuries in the Far East, Adaptation Practice is now more relevant and needed than ever for individuals, groups and societies.

No matter how severe the problem, no matter how long it has lasted or recurred, you, like everyone else, can train yourself provided you are willing to try to follow the simple instructions. Adaptation Practice is taught to individuals or groups and by distance learning world-wide.

No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

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