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Adaptation Practice (The Practice)

Adaptation Practice is a unique way of understanding and relieving suffering from stress, anxiety, anger, depression, disturbed behaviour and other difficulties. It does this remarkably safely and effectively by developing inner strength and enabling us to cope with unwanted emotions. Adaptation Practice is a simple practical programme, based on a well-tested way of living that has been developed and refined over the centuries.

Learning how to cope

We grow up learning how to get what we like and how to get rid of what we dislike. But we don’t learn how to cope when things go wrong and we can’t have our way.

Emotions are normal

Whatever we might think, our emotions and our reactions to them are normal. However, they can, and often do, lead to all manner of individual and social problems, which can be devastating. To change this we need to deal with the emotion as it flares up in us.

Adaptation Practice (Ap) is designed to deal with these causes, by developing emotional strength and insight in us.

There is no quick fix

Adaptation Practice is not an easy, quick fix way. But then the causes of our suffering are so deep in us that there could not possibly be an easy, quick fix way of dealing with them.

Contact us to ask any questions or ask for an initial free session to find out more and learn how Adaptation Practice could help you.

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